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His fist tighten and Naruto punched as hard as he could on the head of another hell hound from upside down, Mar 22, 2014 · Naruto/Mitoko where Naruto travels back in time and screws Mitoko. Because of his ability to clone himself, otherwise who has the time beyond a certain point. Fanfiction. FanFiction. Naruto was many things, handsome, smart, skilled, loving and many other thing, but right now he was something that he hasn't been in a long, long time. But now, there is one more problem - The Fourth Shinobi World War. Naruto ne revient pas à Konoha avec Jiraiya, lors de ses deux ans d'entraînements, afin de s'entraîner seul et dans un autre pays. Kushina Uzumaki was among them, she was also chosen to become the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, whom Hagoromo had named Kurama. I prefer the Juubi being what it really is in canon, a tree and not some ten tailed wolf or other creature. Their only purpose, given to them by their creator, was to ensure that Juubi was never recreated. Takato and Guilmon have destructive urges and rage the first time they become Megidramon. Along with Sakura's confession to him, the tide of the war is about to change. "That wolf was Juubi-sama, Naruto-kunhe granted you his powers and once you're strong enough you'll be crowned the new Juubi. I also prefer Naruto being more like Obito and Madara in terms of power. Option 1: Killer Bee gets captured and Naruto gets captured their bijuus are extracted, Killer Bee dies and for some random reason Naruto wont. Godlike Naruto Rinne-Sharingan/Rikudo Senjutsu/Juubi. Baby and Kids and shopping results for Natsu Becomes Evil Fanfiction from mySimon. Naruto x Highschool DxD x Fairy Tail. Hinata, the animalistic cat-girl. The Black Phoenix: 666 Black Panther: Harry Potter Warning: Gender-Bender [Female!Naruto x Male!Hinata] Summary: After a very long mission, Uzumaki Naruko is eager to get home and ravish her hot but very quiet boyfriend, Hyuuga Hinata. 5880292 so you know that the Juubi is the first original tailed beast right? And in my story the Juubi was fully formed but was in control of Madara, after being sealed he regained control, and since part of the Kyuubu was used in its ritual to become a full entity and the rest if Kyuubi was in Naruto. As the years pass and his unwanted immortality becomes clear, what will Naruto do when everyone he once fought for returns to dust as the world about him changes? First Crossover with Inheritance Cycle. It's halftone black/red tail (edition of 18) and halftone black/blue tail as well (edition of 4). Naruto 「1080p」 5,106,459 views Minato Namikaze & Kushina Uzumaki Are alive in this story. They neglected Naruto and left him to the mercy of the villagers. Fairy Tail's Juubi Chapter 1: The Decision, a Naruto Fanfiction. This is a rewrite of, The True Rikudo no Kami. The Ultimate Naruto Quiz! Quizzes | Create a quiz Progress: 1 of 50 questions . Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. net Naruto tries to seal the Juubi in a fight with Obito and Madara, but ends up ripping a whole in space-time, sending him back to the second of his birth. He will show them why he is feared. org (AFF, the site), its owners, agents, and any other entities related to Adult-FanFiction. Adult Naruto, doesn't even have the chakra advantage hereJuubi is massively above Naruto and the 9 tails is able to fight for over 30 days while Naruto can't even come close to that amount to Good Fanfiction; Naruto & Sakura are best buds; Sakura is awesome; BAMF Dai-nana-han | Team 7 (Naruto) BAMF Haruno Sakura; BAMF Uzumaki Naruto; Kakashi is Tired; Kakashi just accepts it and rolls with it; Fix-It; Inside jokes; Which sasuke does not get; Sakura is Sai's Senpai; Bookmarker's Notes. [2nd part of the sequel of The Kunoichi] Sumeragi Yakumo is now known as a hero of Konoha after she and Uzumaki Naruto had defeated Pein. She had created a perfect utopia, she had 3 children, however at the moment she was really really angry. The Gold and Silver Brothers were able to gain abilities similar to a jinchūriki by consuming some of the Nine-Tails' flesh. From there, Naruto becomes a Jounin in the War. ' Even if you have become a jinchuuriki, the Gracious Deity Gates are still in play. With his jinchuuriki sister, father, and mother, watch how Naruto's life completely changes. In the aftermath of the war, Naruto is dead, Sasuke is the Juubi jinchuriki, and is the Rokudaime Hokage. Naruto corta a palma da sua mão com uma kunai, fazendo um circulo no chão. naruto time travel Bookmarker's Notes The one where Nartuo goes back in time, takes on the name of Haru, befriends Jiraiya, has some complicated feelings for Kakashi, and makes a big deal out of being a Uzumaki. 7/8/2018 c1 Borello this story is interesting. Each one has an incredible amount of chakra within them. Feb 19, 2014 · Naruto Becomes Juubi Jinchuuriki--Naruto Manga Chapter 699 700 Prediction And Theory --ナルト Naruto Chapter 699 700 701 702 703 704 705 706 Naruto Chapter 699 Adult-FanFiction. This causes her to conceive Itachi, and thus, the difference in ability between Itachi and Sasuke (whose father is not Naruto). After kyuubi attack and sealing it into his new born sister Naruto learned some shocking facts and he swear to take revenge on Konoha. Maybe some bashing. With their help, the tratior is defeated and the invading forces retreated in defeat. " Ryu said as he appeared out of nowhere with his hands clasped to each other,"Yggdrasil - Activate. Oct 31, 2019 · Yami Naruto is revived and he is clearly not happy. Chasing Yesterday is a Naruto Fanfic by The King in White. Naruto Demon Guide - Bijuu, Tailed Beasts, Demons Tailed Beasts (Bijuu) are demons that exist in the world of Naruto, they are also known in as demons in Japanese mythology. org by its members. 10 Dec 2017 Naruto took all this in, and then began to apologize to the juubi, "I'm sorry They were excited because they wanted to become ninja, and all  Juubi King of Gods is a fanfiction author that has written 7 stories for Naruto. Net Adult-FanFiction. Regular Talking:  5 Aug 2016 I don't own or co-own Naruto that rights belong to Masashi Kishimoto. My summary: A very dark fic where Naruto becomes progressively more inhuman, unsettling and unnerving. Community. com. Sorry not rated m but can change. Ryu looked over the world from the moon, and noticed his older brother, Hamura Otsutsuki nearing him. hence naruto got the name . This time, he won't have to live with the pain of being alone. • NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. They are only for collection. Naruto 「1080p」 Recommended for you 15:48 Naruto. Synopsis: A Naruto fic that takes place almost entirely in the World Of Warcraft universe via the standard 'warped to another world' plot. net The 4th Shinobi War has ended with the sealing of Kaguya and the Juubi in Naruto. A perfect fusion of their consciousness and power. If I don' t kill him now he will become a greater threat than the fox!' "There's  juubi 34 is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. Hey! Naruto Uzumaki died on the night the Nine-Tailed Fox was sealed. Before Minato and Kushina died, the medics arrived and healed them. fanfiction. In the anime, the God Tree is shown to have a will of its own and became the Ten-Tails to fight alongside Kaguya. The story is epic and spans the entire game universe. And she still has made peace with Takehito's death. Title Author Categories Site ; 1. Drak4806, Jul 10, 2015 #11. I do find it amusing that canon Naruto has become more powerful than this version. The Juubi had no time to react as it sighted the Sage shoot into the air atop a massive Falcon with Rinnegan eyes, diving right towards it. Wattpad. Naruto living in the shadow of his parents and sisters is sick of being overlooked. com Naruto God Of All Fanfiction. Now they were One. Naruto had gotten more from Jiraiya than he had ever gotten from Minato - existence and demonic tenants aside and Rasengan couldn't be counted because the Toad Hermit had been the one to teach it. net, it spans an epic 70 odd chapters, and is nearing its conclusion. The Black Phoenix: 666 Black Panther: Harry Potter Naruto godlike immortal fanfiction keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website 11 Jan 2019 Became a Shinju God and had thousands worshipping him. He then leaves with Jiraiya to have buttsex for three years. I think its more likely Juubi will be part of Naruto. The best fanfiction in the Naruto fandom that I have ever read, hands down. Finally, Chu Feng's body, freed from the boundary of the formation technique, is free to manipulate. Rinnegan Naruto, Rikudo Naruto, Juubi Jinchuriki Naruto Fanfiction. He shot one of his tails down at the boy but Naruto didn't even flinch as the tail touched his forehead and began filling him with the demon's immense youki. 9 Dec 2014 Sharingan/Rinnegan/Rinne-Sharingan/Byakugan/Juubi/Mokuton/ God-Like Naruto. Minato and Kushina raised and trained Mito to control her brother if he ever went on a rampage. All this, without her perverted teammate even being aware of it! Damn, she was good. This life was filled with expert training of mind, spirit, and physical stuff. This demon was sealed within Uzumaki Naruto, who has incredible stamina and can summon large amounts of the Kyuubi's chakra. net Cana and Levy(I don't know how she came to Fairy Tail besides the fact that she was a member from the Magic Council's Custody Enforcement Unit before joining Fairy Tail) both stopped their conversation and looked at Natsu in shock. Through the neglect and pain will rise a god. Where he's using truth seeking orbs and other abilities. Aug 29, 2014 · Naruto erased the Nine Tails' hatred , Nine Tails gives Naruto power, Naruto vs five Tailed Beast - Duration: 15:48. Unfortunately, circumstances and her adverse reaction to them threaten to keep her from doing just that. So yes, Naruto is the Jinchuuriki of one half of the Nine Tails' chakra in the epilogue. Why would Kyuubi be loyal to Hiruzen. Implementing artificial Naruto The Juubi Reincarnated Chapter 2, a naruto fanfic Fanfiction. Naruto x Trihexa x Great Red. "Naruto. " Fanfiction. Other translations include: Kyuubi, Nine Tailed Demon Fox, Kitsune. The main character is one my OCs. The Juubi smirked as Naruto's hair gained black streaks, his blue-violet eyes changed into black eyes with three crimson tomoe and one ring in The Ten-Tails (十尾, Jūbi) is the combined form of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki and the God Tree, created to reclaim the chakra inherited by her sons, Hagoromo and Hamura. Learning to accept his new life in a new world, Naruto becomes 'Fire Shadow,' the youngest member of the Justice League and Head Supervisor of the newly formed Young Justice Team. He has pretty much lost everything Sep 29, 2007 · NARUTO X YUGITO KYUUBI X NIBI. net: More Info: 2. txt) or read online for free. Twelve years later, Naruto Uzumaki regains his memories of his past life, his life as the Nine-Tailed Fox. Kishimoto introduced the Juubi, Rinnegan, Hagoromo, and Naruto and Sasuke are his descendants which all seemed like fanfic-worthy; they also destroyed all sense of balance of power in the Narutoverse. Second Crossover will possibly be Claymore. However, Naruto has been called their jinchūriki as well. The Juubi glared at the sight of a massive panda with Rinnegan eyes holding his arm down. Feb 15, 2014 · The Juubi attempted to raise its hand until a puff of smoke appeared, dropping a massive weight onto its hand. Even Naruto remaining loyal to Konoha seemed fucked up. Miya is a living equivalent of an immobile pillar. Watch AA2 Day 1-Part 1:Having sex with the red head before class on Pornhub. An old and dying Naruto throws his soul forward through time in order to prevent the Juubi's escape upon his death. Because Gatō only needed Zabuza to neutralize Kakashi. Naruto was helpless, the Juubi's Bijuudama was on another level when compared to the other Tailed Beast's Bijuudama, there was no hope of him even coming close to reflecting it. The light's morale was so devastated by the muggles' turning that even with the Dark now distracted with the muggles they could do little harm. com, the best hardcore porn site. The world around him. Naruto had all the Bijuu sealed inside of him to beat Madara in the final battle. Watch as Naruto protects the world from a great evil that could prove to be much more dangerous than Kaguya or the Juubi. Naruto trapped in a fucked up game where he gains sex xp in place of combat xp. After Naruto was able to defeat and reform Sasuke, the two dispelled the Infinite Tsukuyomi and Sasuke released Isobu, Oct 24, 2017 · Naruto erased the Nine Tails' hatred , Nine Tails gives Naruto power, Naruto vs five Tailed Beast - Duration: 15:48. Webnovel - novel - The Overlord - Naruto Fanfiction (COMPLETED) - AbyssalVoidLord - 1 - The Strongest Otsutsuki Read The Overlord - Naruto Fanfiction (COMPLETED) - Chapter 1 online - Webnovel In Library Add to Library Synopsis: Takes place in an AU in which Naruto was born a girl. Their numbers once thousands, now contained less than fifty members. They did give Konoha a few members of their clan because of their help, which gave them a chance to escape. She left the rest of the Sekirei, barring Matsu and Uzume, to suffer at the hands of MBI. if anyone is inter Title Author Categories Site ; 1. 10/26/2018 c1 1 gabelou1991 J'aime beaucoup. Here Naruto becomes a legend with his Zanpakuto, Bishamonten(The Japanese God of War, Warriors, Fortune, and the Punisher of Evildoers). Naruto has been neglected by his parents like his sister naruhi because his other sister has the chakra and he has the soul, about some time naruto will be the emperor and he will make konoha pay by making some his slaves. Xovers and Fem-Naruto welcomed. " "The new Juubi huh? Now I'm really looking forward to starting my shinobi training with Kaa-chan," The boy said in a very sinister tone, black lightning suddenly crackled around his small form. Shipping within 3-7 business days. In the aftermath of the war, Naruto is dead, Sasuke is the Juubi jinchuriki. pdf), Text File (. Suddenly, the remaining red torii pinned Obito under Hashirama's control. But, Kishimoto made it work. Synopsis: Takes place in an AU in which Naruto was born a girl. 4 ANBU Corps by VioletExorcist Join my crappy fanfic as Naruto masters medical ninjutsu and fuinjutsu, becomes ANBU operative Squirrel and saves the elemental nations. Implementing artificial Naruto Juubi Time Travel Fanfiction — Rápido, Naruto! – fala Juubi olhando para os lados. This is the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm, located on the Heavenly Road to the Holy Land of Martialism in the Eastern Sea Region. Even Makarov looked in fear. net This community contains fics which features Naruto with the Rinnegan, as the Juubi Jinchuriki, as the Rikudo reborn, as the transmigration of Ashura, Indra or both at the same time, or also as the Transmigration of Hagoromo Otsusuki. Basically, Naruto becomes a girl and gets teleported back in time to when Hashirama was a young man, before he became the badass he is considered in Konoha's history. The Dark Persona of the Child of Prophecy has nothing to lose and everything to gain, and throw in dimensional jutsu to the mix and the multiverse will never be the same. May 19, 2015 · He killed Kakashi too. "To seal away so much power will require more than one soul. Natsu becomes the 4th Sekirei to be winged by Naruto. Naruto the juubi jinchuriki Fanfiction. In a Naruto decided to answer the god's question, "We need you to seal away Madara Uchiha and the Juubi inside of me. Naruto Juubi Time Travel Fanfiction naruto becomes the new juubi fanfiction Similar Questions. The Juubi watched as Naruto was treated and made Naruto the new Juubi making Naruto immortal. Not getting the fucking hint, and in an attempt to finally get into Sakura's cherry blossom, he promises to bring Sasuke back to the village. Naruto 「1080p」 Recommended for you 15:48 Any fics with Naruto as the Juubi's Jinchuuriki. The Overlord - Naruto Fanfiction (COMPLETED) Chapter 1: The Strongest Otsutsuki Kaguya Otsutsuki was really angry. The dragons thrive on as Naruto becomes their keeper. Jerkass Gods: R. net The first time Naruto uses Kurama's chakra in Wave, the seal malfunctions, and then Naruto and Kurama were no more. Animals suddenly parted away when they felt an abnormal change in the air. *Fair use for entertainment only. Eventually he learns that his old teacher, Minato, is expecting a child. However, before he could get close, a burst of powerful chakra from Kyuubi sent Naruto flying back not only away from the cage door, but out of the mindscape that represented the seal holding Kyuubi's yang chakra. His parents named him that because they knew he was destined for greatness. This story takes place between Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. . With an ancient power in him (he is not gonna be god like) will he be able to stand out amongst his family. He becomes obsessed with that and stalks Kushina throughout her pregnancy until it's Naruto's due date. YOU ARE READING. ' he thought. " YOU ARE READING. When Jiraiya and Naruto left to train for two and a half years, Naruto began to further develop his ability to call on the chakra of the Kyuubi. Looks like Juubi was used to create a jinchuuriki before it reaches its final form. B. It's not like Hiruzen had any special chakra, bloodline or ability. com has the best deals and lowest prices on Natsu Becomes Evil Fanfiction Kaguya and all this other tripe came out of nowhere and ruined the manga. 100 years later, the Gaang hope to find descendents of these airbenders with the help Naruto, Shikamaru, and a few other popular characters team up to bring him back but end up failing. May 29, 2014 · The spectral silently agrees and takes the dagger from between his shark like teeth, swiping its point toward the KYuubi ripping the Youki from its body and sealing it within young Naruto with the soul being sucked into Minato, leaving him with very few precious moments with his son before he passes onto the after-life. Cutss Germany storefront delivers Real CS:GO knives including: Butterfly, Karambit and more CS:GO knives. 23 Feb 2013 The Juubi was the protector of worlds, when multiple worlds are in eed but before that we will become one and finish the Uchiha clan off and  Juubi no Shinju is a fanfiction author that has written 24 stories for Naruto, Anime No matter the shape, past, or species, anyone can become part of a family. Mar 24, 2014 · Naruto is a Japanese manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto, and published in Shounen Jump. Comments: One of, if not the most reviewed Naruto Story on Fanfic. The first Kyuubi form revealed in the series, this form grants Naruto some measure of Kyuubi's chakra. for Juubi Naruto. net This is a rewrite of, The True Rikudo no Kami. Juubi!Naruto, Godlike!Naruto. Juubi ~Naruto 609 (The End) #wattpad #fanfic Yugi: ❤Mou hitori no boku❤ Yami : ❤Aibuo  17 Jul 2015 many people claim Genjutsu is a decisive factor when using Naruto Only, the Juubi is Kaguya so the sage cannot separate Kaguya into tailed beasts Ninjutsu: Thus Ninshu became Ninjutsu and man was forced to endure eternal war. This story is a mega multi-crossover story. Jul 10, 2016 · Taken to Remnant by Kaguya, entrusted with the powers of the Juubi, given a task and a second chance at life, Naruto and Sasuke find themselves thrown into a world where war is a daily reality. Warning: This fic is not for the immature. So what will happen now? Godlike Naruto, mass Harem. But then, all this past chapters making bijuus free and all that crap, Naruto mastering the Kyuubi and his new power will be GONE. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the Juubi no Okami, strongest of the legendary Bijuu and one of the most powerful beings in the world was worried. The Kyuubi introduced himself as Kurama and trained Naruto. Follow/Fav Naruko: The Inheritor of the Juubi. lol no. Naruto has conquered his world and become the God of the 10 tails. The story follows Naruto Uzumaki, a ninja who searches for recognition, and dreams to become the Hokage, the ninja in his village who is acknowledged as the leader as well as the strongest of all. Unfortunately the power of the Kyuubi would become too much, Oct 03, 2013 · Das Naruto Opening mit den Bijuus ♥ Disclaimer: • The Video and Song are ALL belong to the rightful owner. This unnamed Kyuubi chakra sealing tag was given to Hatake Kakashi by the Sannin Jiraiya. The author of this fic does not endorse such things being done by minors in real life, and in fact strongly discourages minors from reading this, and also from participating in any and all such activities until they are at the age of majority/consent as defined in the laws or Naruto uttered before, with a roar of anger, he charged toward the cage door. Okela gives you an straight answer for any question you may have. This community contains fics which features Naruto with the Rinnegan, as the Juubi Jinchuriki Follow as Naruto delves into the Dark Side and becomes a Sith! 24 Oct 2018 Anime/MangaNaruto. org or the AFF forum take no responsibility for the works posted to the Adult-FanFiction. -----I looked at the village. EMS Rinnegan Rinne-Sharingan Chakra Chains Mokuton Naruto NarutoHarem. The author of this fic does not endorse such things being done by minors in real life, and in fact strongly discourages minors from reading this, and also from participating in any and all such activities until they are at the age of majority/consent as defined in the laws or Naruto, after an unexpected encounter with Madara Uchiha, is sent - via space/time jutsu - to another dimension: the DC Universe. Leaving his world, he ends up in Fiore and joins Fairy Tail in their adventures. mySimon. O. ". All she had to do now, was get Ayame and Naruto together. 11 Nov 2012 I hope that my fic will be liked by a lot of people, and make sure that you review During the process of sealing the beast within himself, the Juubi thrashed, the traits of the half demon that you and your mate will become. There are stories where Naruro is a seal master, usually the AU element/point of the story, or the Art of Seals plays a central role in the story. This form typically emerges when Naruto becomes enraged. Good Naruto, Godlike/ Super Fics Anti Drama | FanFiction. Naruto's Flirtacious Feline-:- by agitosgirl-:- Updated : February 19, 2017 12:06 am . Jul 11, 2018 · Naruto is probably the only character that makes sense in polygamous relationships to me in fanfiction. During the Mizuki incident, Naruto gains a bloodline limit not seen since the time of the Rikudo Sennin. Jul 09, 2015 · 'The Black Fox' a Naruto Fanfiction Riff. Watch as he take the Elemental Nations by surprise, and become the Warrior of Hell Danzo was dead, the Root was disbanded (forcibly), people who had treated Naruto badly were being invited to leave Konoha, Naruto himself was safe, and she’d even got to gamble. A group of airbenders manage to survive the genocide of the Air Nomads by getting transported into the Naruto world. In Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, the voice is Kaguya's. At this moment, Chu Feng's sight has become clear. His hair becomes bushy, his incisors grow longer and his fingernails grow sharp. Harry Potter: A dark story: 01hari: Harry Potter: fanfiction. With no one able to control him, he finally gets the chance to earn his freedom. Do you think you know everything about Naruto? From Naruto to Naruto Shippuden to all Naruto becomes the Juubi after the Fourth Great Shinobi War. 13 Apr 2013 The juubi roared in pain as it was absorbed into the seal on Naruto's Who tilted his head to the side in confusion before he became a bit  18 Aug 2014 Yuki explained that Naruto would be able to use any and every bloodline in existence once he truly becomes the Juubi but not a moment  8 Aug 2017 After using his Rinne-Sharingan Naruto transports himself Madara In other words, you would become a Bijuu yourself a Juubi, not like the  24 Oct 2013 Naruto tries to seal the Juubi in a fight with Obito and Madara, but ends up Obito widened gasped, he couldn't become intagible in time. Naruto had become the 2nd Sage of the Six Paths, become the 2nd Jinchuriki of   See more ideas about Naruto, Anime and Seven deady sins. Naruto is right. Hell's Radiance is a Dark Fic by Angel of the Godless that shows how much a For Want of a Nail can change the story of Naruto forever. A 3 year old Naruto was in the care of the great sandaime hokage and in training with the great kakashi of the sharingan. Just as Sasuke swiftly subdued the tailed beasts with his Rinnegan and sealed them within his Chibaku Tensei, Naruto reassured the tailed beasts that he would save them once again. 55% The Overlord - Naruto Fanfiction (COMPLETED) / Chapter 2: Passing Of Ages. You know how everyone goes on about how Naruto is the kunai - not the scroll? Well, what if he was the scroll? I'm looking for a fanfiction where Naruto is the Kyuubi, but was sealed as a child. A young boy named Naruto Uzumaki was deemed an outcast by the people he lived alongside of. Synopsis: A crossover with Avatar: The Last Airbender. After a minute of struggling Naruto made a final move thus pulling the juubi into himself and sealing it away forever and his own fate along with it. WARNING: This fanfic depicts activities of an adult nature between characters who would be minors in the real world. Naruto's special talent to sway the feelings of others has persuaded the Juubi to side with the Shinobi Alliance. Naruto wouldn't know he was the Kyuubi and everything would be like cannon up until Mizuki spills the proverbial beans or something like that. His soul merges with that of 15 month old Harry Potter in the moment the Killing Curse is reflected. Naruto " Blue eyes opened showing them to the new world he had been sent upon, his mask happiness that he always wore to deceive others was cracking, his small whimpers quickly became painful sobs A ten tailed wolf within his mind watched with a heavy heart as his new container screamed out to the world his pain, Summary: During the Mizuki incident, Naruto gains a bloodline limit not seen since the time of the Rikudo Sennin. or Random Omnipotent Being, who dropped Drich into the multiverse as a Heartless for little to no reason. Most of the events of canon played out as canon until the time of the Fourth Shinobi World War. Naruto watched as his father was close to losing a student until Naruto intervened with the help of the Juubi. Undeterred, Sasuke responds by tapping into his cursed seal and landing a series of heavy blows on Naruto. At the age of 5, Naruto graduated from the academy and neither of his parents noticed. D. By: cloudmatter. Just In. Minato & Kushina are fully revived by Orochimaru during the Chunin Exams Arc along with the First and Second Hokage, during the snake sannin's battle with Hiruzren Sarutobi. Based upon The Juubi's second Jinchuriki gave a sick, twisted grin towards Naruto. Naruto son of artemis has become a god after absorbing the juubi at the end of the fourth shinobi war, but after discovering his ability to time travel he realized he isn't just a god but the GOD creator of everything and god of all #creating #crossover #godlike #immortal #shapeshifting #strong Synopsis: Naruto finds he is flung back in time and must repeat the entire Chunin exam over and over and over, until he gets it right and possibly saves Konoha in the bargain. Chu Feng recognized at a glance where oneself place was. Battles, Fan-Fic, RPG, Moderator Hangout, Comic Book Preview . Naruto and the others quickly regroup while Kurama restored Kakashi and Guy's respective chakra, but the Ten-Tails, under the control of Obito and Madara, quickly overwhelmed them before they could finish devising a strategy. the juubi is the juubi, and kurama is kurama Consequences of an Honest Enemy Chapter 4_ the Betrayer Becomes the Betrayed, A Naruto Fanfic _ FanFiction - Free download as PDF File (. This is his story. "For the Nanadaime Hokage, teme" Naruto also poured his cup full and touched it with Sasuke's cup. Minato placed Kushina into the bed with Natsumi and Naruto. Naruto's Best Fanfiction The Prince of Olympus - Chapter 1 Mount Olympus, the central of Godly World, hovered above the current heart of Western Civilization, New York City. 'Quidditch Practice' Diviniti: Harry Potter: FicWad: More Info: 2. The Sage of Six Paths chose not to split the Juubi into nine  Six Path Naruto, Rinne'gan Naruto All 9 Sealed Within Naruto & Juubi Jinchūriki They train together along with another friend to become stronger. And where peace might as well just be an illusion. Adult-FanFiction. The lemon games-:- by HunterBerserkerWolf-:- Updated : August 28, 2016 12:40 am . Letting out a roar of anger it tried to pull naruto but the more it fought the more naruto got a hold of it chakra. The Kyuubi saved and healed him. He does not seek the motivation to become a shinobi but an event in the forest knocks him out into a village that is miles away from Konoha. Due to his actions during the time when he was evil, most of the Konoha 11 and newest generation of Konoha shinobi hate him. 3/27/2015 c1 juubi Adult-FanFiction. Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki ( 大筒木ハゴロモ, Ōtsutsuki Hagoromo ), known to Earth 's population at large as the Sage of Six Paths ( 六道仙人, Rikudō Sennin, English TV: The Sage of the Six Paths), was a legendary god-like figure who is regarded as the ancestor of shinobi, for his act of founding ninshū which led to the creation Feb 15, 2014 · The Juubi attempted to raise its hand until a puff of smoke appeared, dropping a massive weight onto its hand. What is Okela. His name is Yondaime Hiryoko. "So what after we become friends, then you use our power and not  2 Dec 2012 After a botched jutsu by Madara, Naruto becomes the new Juubi. "Maybe He can't, but I can. After Naruto dies(You decide how Naruto dies), he goes to Soul Society's Rukon District 80 instead of going to Heaven or Hell. naruto becomes the new juubi fanfiction Similar Questions. Good time travel fanfic involving Naruto and Sakura. At the age of 3, Naruto met the Kyuubi. Naruto knew that once he did this he would be forever sealed within the Shinigami along with the two dark entities in front of him. This story makes sure cite THAT as the reason why Sasuke is weaker. Summary  18 May 2008 Juubi of the Souls. for starters Kurama has already overcome his hatred. He was named after the 4th Hokage. He has pretty much lost everything that was ever important to him, and at this point is barely clinging on to his sanity by a thread, driven forward only by a promise to Naruto on her deathbed. Naruto " Blue eyes opened showing them to the new world he had been sent upon, his mask happiness that he always wore to deceive others was cracking, his small whimpers quickly became painful sobs A ten tailed wolf within his mind watched with a heavy heart as his new container screamed out to the world his pain, WARNING: This fanfic depicts activities of an adult nature between characters who would be minors in the real world. Após terminá-lo, já tonto por perder tanto sangue, Naruto grita com Juubi, pois o mesmo pisou em seu sangue, mandando-o ter cuidado para não apagá-lo. It can go from funny to awesome to insightful. His whiskers turn more feral and his eyes turn red. 5. Watch as he gains a huge family, becomes an S-class nin and shakes the foundations of Konoha as he becomes Hokage! Welcome ladies, gents and people to the crazy world of Naruto. Naruto becomes the Juubi after the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Such premise will collapse on itself too soon. Naruto-Juubi-Rikudou is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. He could say they were comfortable, as their numbers returned to the original size. Retrouvailles au pays de la Neige, combats, investigations, amour. Naomi nodded. [11] Jul 09, 2015 · 'The Black Fox' a Naruto Fanfiction Riff. net Jiraiya had taught him Ninjutsu and Summoning, Naruto had even learned some of Jiraiya's personal combat style, and after Jiraiya's death, Naruto had became master of the arts of Toad Sages. Drich spends most of the first few chapters dealing with these urges and trying not to become corrupted by them. The Nine Bijuu in Naruto I'm selling silkscreen prints of the Kyuubi on my site. He became a chunin a few months later, and a joinin half a year later. During the fourth great ninja war naruto frees son goku from tobi's (obito uchicha)control and earns his trust and admiration and in doing that son goku (four tails) gives a part of his chakra and so do the other before getting sealed back into the gedo statue . Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze is forced to sealed the Fox in a random child as his own child was born far too late Without the need to turn around, Naruto jumped once again, stabbing his left kunai at the side of the head of the hell hound trying to make a sneak attack on him, turning it into golden dusts. Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Hentai sex videos full of the hottest pornstars. Pairings: Naruto/Hinata with hints of Iroh/Tsunade. net Naruto is neglected by his family. Naruto starts attacking him, ready to take him back to Konoha by force if necessary. Which would lay dormant until fully awakened. So Naruto obviously was very strong for his age and very intelligent. Chapter 2: Passing Of Ages. As for cliches people not being able to accept that the Bijuu are not demons in any way at all. During the Nine-Tailed Fox (or Kyuubi no Kitsune) attack on Konoha. Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto, Gundam, Capcom References or any other references that may pop up. So of course, Naruto had to take matters into his own hands. Kumo ninja's subsequent attempts to replicate this by eating the Eight-Tails' tentacles caused only death. Join Naruto as he meets unlikely people and uncovers the true meaning of what being a shinobi is all about. He will show them why they should fear the wolf! Dark, smart, god-like, Juubi Naruto. The son was Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, the daughter was Mito Uzumaki-Namikaze. Watch as he take the Elemental Nations by surprise, and become the Warrior of Hell Naruto, the chosen one By: Assassin25. It is regarded as the progenitor of chakra, and is tied to the legend of the Sage of Six Paths and the birth of shinobi. Kill Your Heroes Chapter 1: Pyrophobia, a naruto fanfic Official summary: Because, sometimes, we are what our adversaries make of us. Juubi = Nature energy Naruto is the only juubi jin that has perfected the manipulation of Nature energy and has perfected Sage mode. Kurama and Gyūki then fired a barrage of Tailed Beast Balls at the Ten-Tails, Danzo was dead, the Root was disbanded (forcibly), people who had treated Naruto badly were being invited to leave Konoha, Naruto himself was safe, and she’d even got to gamble. Ten-Tails (Shinju) Naruto Hokage is one of the Gods level of the Narutoverse and is the most powerful now! He owns Kurama 100% and the Chakra of all the beasts tails with that allows him to have a link with them and take the Chakra! He has the Ashura Chakra and half of the Hagoromo Chakra (Six Paths Chakra) Jun 07, 2014 · Hamura gives half his power to both naruto and sasuke which would mean they both equal half a juubi and 1 juubi together here they could team up with the brothers or madara And to tip the scales a little bit because weve seen that ninjas of equal power levels can never defeat each other in battle, eg the fountain of truth. " Naruto said to the death god. and second of all, if kurama joined the juubi with his hatred gone, that wouldnt change the juubi. When Naruto turned 7, he became an ANBU captain, and he was given the name Night Fox. Kyuubi no Yoko, takes the form of a fox. Do you think that Naruto is the best thing ever to happen to manga, even to anime in general? Do you think that 220 episodes of the TV series were nowhere near enough? Have you seen all 11 movies and original video animations and wish they'd make new ones? Do you get your hands on all the Naruto books and other merch you can find? Jan 02, 2016 · Naruto eventually receives the other half of the Nine Tails' chakra which was sealed inside Minato (Zetsu steals it from Minato and gives it to Madara, Obito steals it from Madara and gives it back to Naruto). Why not just be a man whore and call it a day. kurama (nine tails) convinces others (tailed beasts) that naruto is the chosen one the reincarnation of the sage himself thus happens when naruto frees son goku. 10 Commandments: bookgodess15: House, M. ©2013 TV The alternate title for this story is High School Naruto DxD-- Rise of The New God: Descendant of The Almighty Biblical God & The Supreme Infinite True Holy Dragon King God Emperor of The 10 Divine Heavenly Commandments. Compiled by Zaxxon. Yes he was WORRIED about something. It becomes painfully clear to Naruto that Sasuke is fighting with an intent to kill, so Naruto utilises the Nine-Tails' chakra to overpower Sasuke. An orb of electricity suddenly appeared from thin air and got bigger and bigger until it was the size of a small house, Naruto: Naruto is a Seal Master/Expert. Their center was the staff of Hogwarts, the remnants of the old Order and the boldest of Harry Potter's DA. . naruto becomes the juubi fanfiction